Food Fails Shine at FuckUp Nights Atlanta vol. IV

It was another sell out for FuckUp Nights Atlanta! There were lots of laughs, a few tears and plenty of lessons learned at the fourth installment of #FUNATL. Presenting sponsor Dagger, bought the first round of drinks, and helped get the party started. 

Abby Henderson kicked off the stories with some honest insight into her horrible first week at Sifted. Katie Hayes followed suit with a memorable talk about a hot mess of a fundraiser for Community Farmers MarketsTifyn co-founder and CEO, Hoan Huynh told a story of a marketing stunt gone wrong and the lesson learned of staying true to your brand.

Then Chef Calavino took a few minutes away from the kitchen (she cooked the entire duration of the event, until it was her turn to talk) to share her incredible story of having it all and losing it all... twice. She's now in need of investment to avoid making it a third.

With an impromptu experiment, we live streamed the night on Facebook. Get through the first 30 seconds of blurry and watch the whole night to re-live the stories. If the angle is a little wonky, it's probably just the beer glass that phone was leaning against...




  • The venue was awesome and the food and drinks were superb. An incredible improvement to fruit snacks and Cheetos that were served at previous events.
  • Overall, this was probably the best lineup of stories. Each speaker delivered helpful lessons learned, with honest and easy to follow talks.
  • Along with FUN vets, there were a lot of new people in the audience.
  • AV was solid. The speakers worked and were clear, mic was good, music was smooth. Thanks to Atlanta Pro AV for coming to the rescue.
  • Photos (provided by the talented Carey Tucker) turned out great, even with the mood lighting. Check our Instagram and Facebook page later this week for the shots. 


  • Underestimating how challenging it would be to connect with those in the food industry. Causing us to move the initial date.
  • Pretty sure Tim butchered Hoan's last name during his intro - sorry dude.
  • During the Q&A having only 1 mic was kind of awkward, making the speaker have to restate the question for everyone to hear.

We want your feedback. Let us know how we're doing and tell us what you think the next theme should be.